Liteville 301CE Mk1 Pro

301CE Mk1 Pro

The 301CE Mk1 Pro shares the most successful and popular 301 DNA and is thus designed for the toughest challenges. It will rewrite the 301 history now covering the field of e-mobility. It has been designed for unconditional off-road riding. Building upon a carbon fibre frame has made possible the perfect integration of the motor and the battery into the frame. The Aluminum rear frame generates a maximum of stiffness.

301CE Mk1 Pro Factory Machine

The 301CE Mk1 Pro is available as a completely preassembled Factory Machine with motor, drivetrain and brakes provided by Shimano. The high-class specification is rounded off with the fully integrated EIGHTPINS dropper post and Syntace parts.



Thanks to the "Linear Steering Geometry", the 301CE performs as relaxed and intuitively as a carving ski

Carbon fibre/ Aluminum

Super stiff special Aluminum rear frame triangle. Super lightweight carbon main frame, FEM-optimized frame design.


Super smooth load response, solid mid travel section and vivid "pop" towards the end. The 301CE benefits from its progressive travel with Syntace Pro-Spring (air damper as option).


The rear frame of the 301CE Mk1 is designed for both wheel sizes, either 27.5˝ or 29˝: no holds barred and with perfect height compensation. Switch between two different rear end lengths within minutes.

29˝ Front wheel

29˝ front wheel with 170 mm travel combined with shorter chainstays for improved offroad performance.

Drive unit

Shimano STEPS E8000. Super low profile motor integration in uninterrupted carbon chassis.

Battery integration

New, lightweight and powerful 630 Wh battery integration incl. airstream cooling with durable battery screw on top.


Eightpins NGS2 integrated dropper post (Pat. pend.) Lightweight design with up to 220 mm fast travel.

Stop 160

The handlebar stopper (Pat. pend.) protects the frame while not reducing the full left/ right steering angle lock.

Skid plate

Extra tough skid plate with chain protection function; 4mm plastic plate; slides well, buffers effectively and stands impacts lastingly (optional).

Chain tunnel

Chain tunnel (Pat. pend.) making for a 20-50 % longer chain life span (apart from the fact that one can now ride with shorts) (optional).

Cable routing

Hidden cable routing for the brake hose, the shifting cables and the EIGHTPINS cable making for clean optics and perfect function.


Monitoring and adjusting the SAG without a rubber O-ring or cable tie. It is possible to do this while sitting on the bike, even while riding.

Rear light

Rear light with internal cable routing (optional).

Bottle cage

Preparation for bottle holder (bottles up to 0,6 l).

Swing arm bearing

Extra wide chain stay bearing distance for a maximum of directional stability and extended lifespan.

Ball and needle bearings

Rear suspension fully guided with reinforced ball and needle bearings.

Syntace Smart Gripper

Modern ingenuity: smartphone mount with headlight integration (as option).


Frame length M

Body size recommendation:170 cm – 180 cm

Top tube length: 625 mm
Steering tube length: 105 mm
Seat tube length: 441 mm
Chain stay length: 442 mm
Wheel base: 1223,42 mm
Bottom bracket drop: 26 mm
Seat angle: 74,60°
Steering angle: 64,50°
Fork insert: 581 mm
Fork offset: 42 mm
Reach: 447 mm
Stack: 643,57 mm
Wheel diameter rear: (27,5˝) 736 mm
Wheel diameter front: (29˝) 764 mm

maximum tire widtht 73 mm (27,5˝ x 2.8)

Frame length L

Body size recommendation: 178 cm – 190 cm

Top tube length: 651 mm
Steering tube length: 115 mm
Seat tube length: 465 mm
Chain stay length: 442 mm
Wheel base: 1250 mm
Bottom bracket drop: 26 mm
Seat angle: 74,53°
Steering angle: 64,50°
Fork insert: 581 mm
Fork offset: 42 mm
Reach: 470 mm
Stack: 653 mm
Wheel diameter rear: (27,5˝) 736 mm
Wheel diameter front: (29˝) 764 mm

maximum tire width: 73 mm (27,5˝ x 2.8)

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